Monday, May 4, 2009

RSS content question?

I have some RSS public feeds on's website I would like to implement into my website. It says free for personal use and says you can use any RSS reader to subscribe to them. What separates my website from any RSS reader if I let them choose which to select and load how they want. Wouldn't it just become RSS software then? I am confused there how some people can make money selling rss software and wondering if it is legal to put them on my website. I am not looking to steal the information it is setup to be public information and of course I will not modify it at all.

RSS content question?

It is perfectly legal to show someone else's RSS feeds on your own site if you mention where the information came from. When someone puts up an RSS feed, it is implied that other readers can read it however and wherever they feel like.

Hope that helps!
Reply:Lotta grey area there. See if your site has Advertiseing,you make money, or is ad sponsored, Corporation X and Y make money, it just left the Public Domain and is in the Private Sector.

It is kinda goofy, because if I call my site a News Paper, I am allowed to put allmost anything I choose on it.

Contact the stream feeder, the Orginaztion that owns the Copyright on that Feed, and ask or get permission to use it. This whole internet is getting kinda crazy lateley with all these Geneva US Laws just now becomeing active.

To not modify means that you will publish the stream in its entirety, do you have any idea what that could entail. Some RSS feeds say %26lt;Stop%26gt; %26lt;here%26gt; and whatnot depending on what service you use, that is like the end and start point, you cannot edit or modify anything in between those tags. But to publish sections of a stream, one must get the permission and copyright clearence from the owner.

If the public is the owner, I guess you give yourself permission, but, the author still has Copyrite Protection so make sure not to break between the tags. You can add a comment, or make a statement after the legit /stop /end tag, but not in the middle of it.

I am like a puppy dog looking at a man and a truck haveing an argument, head turned?????These Internet Laws are thwarting the great Free Flow of Information that was envisioned.

Pay enough mnthly fees and you can look at anything you want.

Look at the CC and FSF sites to learn more about that stuff.

I dont know if those cover it, but they explain alot.

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