Monday, May 4, 2009

Trouble deleting RSS feed...?

When I tried the new My Yahoo beta, it added a whole bunch of RSS feeds to my new Yahoo Mail RSS reader. I deleted most

of them, but when I try to delete two of them, it gives me an error...

A window pops up and says: "There was a problem removing the following feeds. Try again later." and then has a link to the RSS XML.

One is "Music Charts" at and the other is "Yahoo News: Most Viewed Top Stories" at

I tried contacting Yahoo about it but they sent back a generic email saying to contact them via their help site (which is the way I contacted them in the first place *sigh*).

Is anyone else having a similar issue with removing RSS feeds? I wish there was another way to delete them from your mail other than just right-clicking, because even after reloading my browser and using three seperate computers, it still won't remove them... so the problem is certainly on Yahoo's end here.

Any ideas?

Trouble deleting RSS feed...?
Wen you can't delete usually It requires permission from the administrator of the windows user to give the windows password.
Reply:I have the exact same problem with the the two yahoo feeds(music %26amp; news).

Seems they are forcing us to keep them. Report It

Reply:I also have the same problem and do not have mail beta anymore.

I dont think it is a windows user issue as I am admin in my PC. Report It

Reply:I just figured out the solution. Seems it's a problem with the "new my yahoo" if you revert back to the orginal my yahoo page the rss feeds disappear. Report It

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