Monday, May 4, 2009

RSS Feeds won't work?


I have an rss feed that I upload, this is the first time that I post it live. I've posted it to many different rss submit areas and Feed Burner and the like. I try to go in RSS feed readers and NONE of them will pick up my feed or even find it.

I need help, RSS seems so simple, yet it seems I just can't grasp what needs to be done to make it work. My feed has the word "esoteric" plastered all over the feed yet the search engine can't even find it. Is there a special something that needs to be done...?

PLEASE help!!

RSS Feeds won't work?
OK, thanks for the URL. When I try to look at your RSS feed (just plug the address into your browser), I get the following error:

XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: %26lt;/meta%26gt;.


Line Number 91, Column 7: %26lt;/channel%26gt;

So somewhere you're not closing an opening %26lt;meta%26gt; tag before you try to close the %26lt;channel%26gt; tag.

In fact, now that I see the actual XML source, just before your %26lt;title%26gt; tag, you should have a closing %26lt;/meta%26gt; tag.

--------- Update ------------

Now you have to put a closing bracket %26gt; before the %26lt;/meta%26gt; tag, to close off the %26lt;meta tag so it looks like this:

spirituality, mystical"%26gt;%26lt;/meta%26gt;

and not this:

spirituality, mystical"%26lt;/meta%26gt;

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