Monday, May 4, 2009

Can't right click on RSS box?

I have a couple sites I'd like to link to my 360 page, but I can't get the proper RSS url. When I right click on the RSS box, nothing happens. When I click on it, it asks if I want RSS or Atom, I do pick RSS, and it leads me to a page that shows a preview of the RSS feed. It has a box that says "add to SBC Yahoo", but nothing happens when I click it - it doesn't go to my yahoo front page. The url of that page doesn't provide the proper RSS url. There is a button that takes you to email alerts, and it has the RSS url there, but when I try to use that url it gives me an error message. It's frustrating. I know the feed exists, because I can see the preview of it. What am I doing wrong?

Can't right click on RSS box?
Try right clicking the RSS box and copy as a short cut. I hear that Yahoo 360 is having problems with posting feeds so even if you do it correctly it might not post until it gets fixed.

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