Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blogger RSS Feed Problems with 360?

I've waited since last night, just to give it time to update, but for whatever reason my RSS Feed for my Blogger Blog won't show up on my 360 page. Seems like something Yahoo has problems with. Here's the URL I've tried to use:

I added the ?alt=rss at the end according to some other instructions since the feed is atom and not rss. Any other ideas on how to get this to work? I don't get any errors with says it uploaded successfully.


Blogger RSS Feed Problems with 360?
Lots of pages r having this problem. Sometimes it takes trying it a few times b4 the feeds work. Also, once u input the info, it takes a few hrs b4 the feeds show up. Or, It could just be a glitch...

Yahoo! Is working on a brand new profile page that will replace 360. So, for now they r not fixing the problems that come up on our pages. Here's a link to the latest news from Yahoo! concerning these issues:

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