Thursday, November 19, 2009

SEO: RSS Feed Help?


My sports forums page ranks in the top 100 with google, msn and yahoo. That being said, I feel once I add my RSS feeds to several major websites, my forums will take off in both ranking and visitors.

Do you agree this will help? Also, is there a list someone online where I can find directories where to submit my RSS Feeds?

I also need a list of directories where I can submit my forums with OUT linking back, as in one way linking. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SEO: RSS Feed Help?
I don't get your question completely.But i wanna tell you that Rss feeds are availbe in java script , which you can get from yahoo search . just copy this java script and paste it into your forum. After doing it you will find one tag of yahoo at your forum page. When users click on that feed they can able to add your blog feed to their my yahoo page. I hope this help....

For answer of your second question used to add good links in it.If you have good content in your blog you can request blog auther to add your link too...
Reply:For directories, you might try going through Robin Good's directory. It's several pages but you should be able to find the directories you need.

I don't follow the last part with the forums and out linking. If you're referring to having links to tag to various services like Digg, Reddit and so on, I would use FeedBurner and add the necessary flares.

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