Monday, November 16, 2009

RSS Feed for Myspace?

I have a livejournal account I'd love to display on my Myspace profile, and livejournal does enable RSS distribution. The question is how to get my livejournal entries to display on myspace.

Is there a bit of code, or perhaps a third-party RSS aggreggator that supplies me with that code that I can then paste onto my profile to get it to display my livejournal entries?

RSS Feed for Myspace?
You can display and provide links for your Y!A questions, your starred questions, and the news that interests you on your Y!360 and MySpace pages with an RSS feed.

The feed for my questions in MySpace updates faster than the one in my Y!360.

These links are for displaying RSS feeds in MySpace.

For Y!360:

Find your list of questions.

To the right of your most recent question you will see the RSS link.

Click on it with the right button then left click on copy shortcut (URL).

Or you can double click the RSS link and then copy the URL from your address bar.

In your Y!360 click "My Page."

Click "Add a Feed (via RSS)" or click "Edit Feeds."

Right click on one of the three boxes then left click on paste (the short cut - URL).

Then save.

You can also display information from:

Yahoo! News (for specific subjects like your state, country, or corporation)

MSN News

BBC News

Craigslist, Digg, Netflix, YouTube, and many periodicals,

and blogs from MySpace, Y!360 and other blog websites.

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