Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yahoo 360 - RSS feeds/feed readers/entering content?

I have done a lot of Help menu research but I still don't understand how to move content from other websites like Yahoo Plus Mail into my "Feeds module" in 360. The browsers I use are Yahoo and Firefox. I have chosen some add-ons in both browsers but I start going blank after I have clicked on the RSS button on the website I want to add to my feeds module. What do I do after I click on the RSS button and what is Add to My Yahoo button for? Do I need to download the Atom feedreader for Firefox before I can enter content. What about the URL you're supposed to do you do that?

I NEED HELP!!! Thanx in advance...

Yahoo 360 - RSS feeds/feed readers/entering content?
LOL Let's try the Yahoo Answer RSS my friend!

go to yahoo answer click ur icon

look for the word RSS in ur yahoo answer page

point the mouse %26amp; right-click

click "copy shortcut"

then paste in 360 shared feeds

click save

click refresh

goodluck ^_^

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