Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help with RSS Feeds?

I have tried goin on websites and right clicking on RSS then copy and paste (or copy-shortcut) to the "add rss fead" on my 360 pg and then clicked save but every time i do this it says ""ERROR, we were unable to fetch the feeds you requested. Please check the URL's and try again"" I have tried so many times on so many different websites and every time i get the same answer after clicking save...PLZ can any-1 shed sum light on this for me as im at a loss completely...Thank You in advance for any replies...!!!!!

Help with RSS Feeds?
The feeds have been problematic for some time. So, it's more likely a glitch on Yahoo 360's part. You can send feedback about the problem:

Also, Yahoo 360 doesn't work with all feeds. It recognizes the well-known websites (I.E. BBC, The New York Times feeds, etc) than lesser known websites.
Reply:URL is a address of a web site and that has to be what you post and save. The error may show up.But click save again and it will take a few days to show up.I had the same problem and l just said heck with it and then one day there it was on my page
Reply:i have the same problem as well, dont know why it said that.

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