Monday, November 16, 2009

RSS aggregator development queries?

hi there... i have few queries in developing web based RSS aggregators. I have developed a RSS aggregator which fetches news from various sites. when i refresh it i want to see only the latest updated feeds only and not the earlier ones.

Can someone help me out.

RSS aggregator development queries?
You either need to keep track of was previously seen (like with a cookie if you have user accounts) or a predefined variable of how long you want to see the news (like, only things updated in the last hour, 5 hours, day, and so on)

If you go with the cookie, then you could simply record what time the user logged out, and use that as your basis for determining which articles to get. Of course, this assumes that they read all the articles that were there last time they loaded the page.

Another way is to keep a framed database (by this I mean like a database of links to all articles posted in the last 24 hours, or some other block of time) and then use a boolean value to say if that particular article was viewed or not. If it was viewed, then don't post it. If not, then post it.

hope that helps
Reply:I assume you are already tossing off the old items, and only publishing the new items.

unfortunately some readers like to keep old items on file, even when they are no longer in the current feed.

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