Monday, November 16, 2009

Psp rss channel?

if i upload a video to you tube from psp usb and the videos are from the rss channel if i say on you tube it is from the rss channel will it be aginst the law

Psp rss channel?
If You did not create it and you do not have permission to distrubute under your login or name or whatever, then yes it is illegal.

Everything created has an inherit copyright. The person who created it uploaded it for viewing under his/her login -if you download and re-upload under your login you have taken his property and put your login name on it - you are implying to the viewer of your copy that you are responsible for creating and or distributing it or have permissions to distrubute.

With Copyright lawsuits and with the copyright issues You Tube already has it's not advisable.

Even with rss channels copyright is copyright.
Reply:its Copywrite. not Copyright Report It

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