Thursday, November 19, 2009

How can I add a RSS feed to my website?

I will be putting my updated website on line in a week or so. I am planning on using a CSS scripted site, or a simple HTML site. It is a band showcase site, and we will be updating band information weekly usually. I feel it will be easier to create a RSS feed, that I will be able to program into my myspace site, and have people subscribe to the RSS feed. However, being a partial "NOOB" to the web programming world, I don't know what program to use to create the RSS feed. I don't know what web host to use either, since I feel that I am too limited with my former host, Yahoo Small Buisness.

I could use some suggestions to hosts that incorporate RSS into the hosting plan, at an extremely affordable rate. I pay for the website out of pocket, and ask nothing in return from the multitude of bands I will be plugging around the world.

It will need to be a large download rate also. Figure about 150 bands each with a MP3 to download legaly. Also Player embed recomendations are also welcome.

How can I add a RSS feed to my website?
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