Thursday, November 19, 2009

PSP RSS problem?

I was using the RSS feature in the psp and it worked perfectly.

The next time i came to using it, it froze when i typed in something and then when i managed to go back i started it up again and it said the connection was not found.

I then started up the internet browser (which worked perfectly before) it also said the connection was not found.

The next day i tried again and the internet browser worked but the RSS feature didn't (the connection was found this time but when i typed in something and pressed add sample nothing happened)

Is there a way to fix this please help i really liked the feature and it just stopped working if you don't know how to fix it can you at least tell what went wrong.

If you need me to add any other information please just ask.

PSP RSS problem?
The solution to your problem may be found easier if you find where the cause is. To do this, try finding a different RSS feed to connect to. If you're able to access another RSS feed, then the website holding the original one you liked might be down, in which case it's a technical problem they might be experiencing.

If you're unable to access either RSS feed, yet the internet still works, then the fault does lay in the RSS programming or settings of your PSP, and this will need sorting out.

If you're unable to access either RSS feed and nothing else on the internet works, then your problem may be your connection to the internet or the PSP itself.

Hope this helps somewhat.

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