Thursday, November 19, 2009

How can I get REAL RSS channels on my psp???

I went to toonami jetstream and I tried to get the rss channel information because when I went to the rss channel menu on my psp all I got were samples, but when I read what toonami jetstream had on the site about rss the site just said "Copy and paste the Toonami Jetstream RSS into your favorite newsreader to keep up with the latest Toonami Jetstream news!". That wasn't helpful because I tried it in the psp's web address bar and that didn't work either all it gave me was a html page.

Thank you for helping me if you posted an answer and sorry for grammatical erros.

How can I get REAL RSS channels on my psp???
u need a media manager
Reply:what version do you have to be when you get media manager Report It

Reply:i dont know but if you want to stream music from your pc to your psp download and install this

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