Thursday, November 19, 2009

360 RSS feed ??

Yahoo! Said : "We were unable to fetch the feeds you requested. Please check the URLs and try again."

Are These the wrong URL :

Answer Please... Thanks!

360 RSS feed ??
I have tried to add feeds and just can't!!

Nothing works, so I have emailed the Yahoo team for help. No answer yet.

I think there's something wrong with the feature.
Reply:Looks to me like they are the correct URLs....I dont use Feeds feature anymore since they have been messed up and not functioning properly for QUITE a while now.
Reply:you can try to delete the Feed you have in there now and re past it Hit CTRL V don't right click and past..Good Luck hope this works
Reply:Same thing for me. I emailed Yahoo! twice. No answer. I even took the feed from somone's site that was working, and put it in mine. Does not work.

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