Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thunderbird RSS..?

I am failing to get my Mozilla Thunderbird to read RSS feeds. When I try to add a subscription, it fails to 'verify the RSS feed'. HELP?

Thunderbird RSS..?
Hi there,

Is the problem with all the feeds or only a specific feed?

If it is with all the RSS feeds, I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling your Thunderbird. (Some files might have got corrupted)

If the problem is with specific feeds, try checking the validity of the feed at to make sure its ok.

Hope this helps. Bye!!

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Reply:Presumably you are using FireFox as well as Thunderbird? Thunderbird is just sad and awkward when it comes to RSS. Try the excellent Sage RSS Reader plug-in for FireFox. You won't go back. Report It

Reply:No, if it does, its crapy.
Reply:Try checking the feed at to make sure its ok.

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