Monday, November 16, 2009

Why won't my RSS feeds update?

I'm new to RSS feeds.

I've been adding a few to my page, and they do not seem to update. I have been fiddling with the settings, but they do not offer an option for how often you want them to update.

Example: I have an RSS feed for Yahoo Answers, and it does not show questions that I have asked recently. It shows questions from this morning, and the number of answers do not correspond correctly, either.

From how I understand it, RSS feeds are supposed to update instantly.

I have tried edit the settings, refresh the page multiple times, clean cache, etc, etc, etc.

I would appreciate if someone could explain to me how RSS feeds work, and why I am having a problem with them.


Why won't my RSS feeds update?
They don't update instantly, especially in relation to Yahoo.

For example, see and and

and even more information is available at .

They are updated on a schedule. There's nothing you can do about it except make sure the URL that you use for RSS is current. I hope this helps.
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