Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yahoo360 RSS feed?

I am not very much in software business but as an electrical engineer this XML link is OK:

my Explorer can easily browse this, Why yahoo360 give me this Error?

"Error: We were unable to fetch the feeds you requested. Please check the URLs and try again."

Yahoo360 RSS feed?
This problem happens frequently. Yahoo! 360° is still in BETA testing, so few bugs will occur. Also, sometimes, the RSS may be inaccurate or unavailable. Only certain RSS feeds are valid into your Yahoo! 360° page. After Yahoo! 360° takes off their BETA tag, the problem should not occur as frequently as it is now. Hop it helps.
Reply:Most/all of us are getting that error or the feeds have stopped updating, it's a glitch with the feeds that they can't seem to fix.

You can send feedback about it, but I'm sure they already know about the problem:

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