Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wordpress RSS feeds: How do I add a link to comments?

I realize this question has been asked many times on multiple forums, but I just can't seem to absorb the instructions. I need it in as simple terms as possible.

I have Wordpress installed on my domain name. I'm using the default RSS feeds that came with the software. I want to add one line that will show a link to the Comments at the bottom of the entry.

I read that this is the code:

%26lt;link%26gt;%26lt;?php comment_link_rss() ?%26gt;%26lt;/link%26gt;

But it didn't work. Can anyone post the exact place in the php page where it should go?

Example, in atom.php, and I think the other is called rss2.php, something in that area.

I will be extremely grateful to get this working. Thanks!

Wordpress RSS feeds: How do I add a link to comments?
The comments should already be linked in your RSS feed. It will be inside the %26lt;comments%26gt; tag in RSS.

You can see it here:

Look at the source code: You'll see, in each %26lt;item%26gt;, a %26lt;comments%26gt; tag giving a link to the comments.

It may be that your RSS reader does not support the 2.0 specification and as such, does not properly interpret the %26lt;comments%26gt; tag. You can either reprogram your reader to support that tag or find a newer feed reader.

ATOM does not support the extensibility of adding a comments link to the feed.

Sounds like you might need a new copy of wp-rss2.php:

Save this file to the root folder of your blog and change the file extension to .php

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