Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why can't I add RSS feeds to My Yahoo?

I have tried adding a couple of RSS feeds to My Yahoo that My Yahoo seems to not like. I would list the actual XML URLs, but they are linked to accounts I have setup.

What happens is that I click "Add RSS by URL." I then enter the URL and click "Add." This brings me to a page that shows me what that particual RSS feed's module would look like (it pulls in all the expected updated content and appears to read the RSS feed as it should). This page has a button that says, "Add to My Yahoo." I click on this button and it looks like it is trying to do something, but then it just brings me back to the same page that it was on. One of the RSS feeds that this is happening on is one I got from Fortunately with this site there was any alternative method (an "Add to My Yahoo" button) for this to work. Please don't make me have to switch back and forth with Google. Their custom homepage looks primitive compared with Yahoo's.

By the way, I was able to add other feeds that work

Why can't I add RSS feeds to My Yahoo?
ok first of all it is a Yahoo problem that has been happening for a really long time now, i have sent in requests for repair with no help yet. it is nothing you are doing wrong but on there part just have to wait i havent found any that work yet maybe they will fix it
Reply:I tried also, but I couldn't add it too.

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