Monday, November 16, 2009

Is there an rss feed for a users answers?

There is an rss feed avaliable for the questions I have asked. But, is there one for the answers I have given? I know that there is rss for each individual question but I would like to add my answers to my 360 page.

It would be even cooler if there were an rss feed for answers given that were chosen as best answers.

Is there an rss feed for a users answers?
no not at this time.
Reply:Lazy programmers should put down the Nerf guns and get back to work. *whip cracks*

Rss isn't difficult. Report It

Reply:Right now there is only one for your questions. You can, however, put the Answers badge into your blog. This is not working for Yahoo! 360 pages yet. I do believe that it is working for other blogs. If you would like to make any suggestions to the Team, you can email them:;_ylt...
Reply:Hmm...I was wondering the same thing...if you go to your "My Q%26amp;A" page, and look bottom right, and click on the RSS button, a page comes up in html language. I wonder, if some of those "default" lines, could be changed to suit the "best answers" section/page of our own profiles? What do you think? I know NOTHING about html, but it doesn't look like its that hard to do, does it (look at what I'm talking about first before answering! LOL)?? Get back to the meantime...I'll be working on it.

The ONLY thing that might stop the link's name itself. Even if you change the html, its not saved on Yahoo!'s computer so there really isn't any way...ah well, maybe Yahoo! Answers will give us this one day, so we can put our best on our 360 page!

You might could name the link something, save it to an online file system you are a member of, and do it that way, other than that.....can't see it happening.

Umm...I'm a "running thinker" updating as I think this through! :)

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