Thursday, November 19, 2009

Providing RSS to my site?

I have my own site where i keep on updating the content and which is very useful to netizens.I came to know about RSS-which i don't know.I want the users to subscribe to my site rss so that they are intimated when there is an updation in my site.The concept is nice,But how to keep/provide that facility to my site.

Providing RSS to my site?
it is very simple

you might want to have a look at these links
Reply:Most people just use if they have a web site that doesn't already have built in RSS.

You can create your own feed with a short URL, like, and then add entries to your feed whenever you feel like it.
Reply:You can display feeds on your web site using an RSS parser. The easiest one I know of is RSS Pal

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