Monday, November 16, 2009

How to make RSS feeds fade in and out, code included.? (Javascript)?

I can't copy the whole script as its too big but this is part of a script that causes text to fade in and out. This causes text 1 to fade in then out, then text 2 in and out then... you get it. But i don't want text to fade in and out i want RSS feeds to. So if i wanted the rss feeds from this site : to fade in and out what would i put in the fcontents exactly? Ive tried putting in the link but it just shows the name of the link etc not the feeds inside it.

Im not sure if this is possible to do.

CODE that fades text:

fcontent[0]="%26lt;b%26gt;THIS IS WHERE I WANT THE RSS FEEDS TO GO%26lt;/b%26gt;"

fcontent[1]="TEXT TEXT TEX BLAH BLAH.";

fcontent[2]="i LIKE EGG FRIED SUSHI.%26lt;/a%26gt;";

How to make RSS feeds fade in and out, code included.? (Javascript)?
Your going to have to read the RSS feed and then just use a loop on the fcontent like:

var xmlContent = feedXML.split();

for (var i = 0; i %26lt; xmlContent.length; i++) {

fcontent[i] = xmlContent[i];


Your going to need to use an RSS feed application in a server side language then just query the rss feed into the javascript, and manipulate the content! :)
Reply:1 you have to aggregate ( or just download the indy feeds) onto your website. there are lots of utilities to just download the indy feeds... and many open source aggregators.

2 you need ajax (XMLHttpRequest to fetch your feeds.

3 you need a cool fade code.

2+3 are built right into jquery ( new wave javascript!

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