Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aggregators for RSS Feeds?

Aggregators for RSS Feeds

Can anyone suggest a good Aggragator service (preferably free of charge) that can facilitate RSS Feeds well? I tried My Yahoo. Apparently, I was told there that they know of problems picking up feeds from certain vertical search engines (I'm having problems with and Jobster). I would greatly appreciate feedback on this. Thank you. Ben

Aggregators for RSS Feeds?
Give NewsGator a try - they have both a web based version or clients for mobile phones or desktop computers.
Reply:If you use Firefox, there are a few different extensions like Sage that make using RSS simple and integrates right in with the browser. Actually, I'd straight out recommend using Firefox instead of I.E. in the first place, as it has a tom of add ons and puts I.E. to shame........

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