Monday, November 16, 2009

RSS to HTML to?

Can anyone recommend a good way to take an RSS feed and add that on your webpage as html. I am looking for something that is fully self-contained. Not one of those site where you guy and enter a rss address and they give you some code.

RSS to HTML to?
It sounds like you want to display an RSS feed within your HTML website. The easiest/best way to do this is to use RSS2HTML a free PHP script. This means that you can retain the complete control of the HTML layout (using templates) and make it match your existing design. Additionally using PHP rather than JavaScript will mean that search engine spiders can "spider" the contents of the RSS feeds.

Additional details and a free rss2html download is available at:

Additional information and other options for displaying RSS feeds can be found at:

Reply:RSS are written in xml, use dom to convert it to string, then print it. If you need help on dom. Search "dom xml" in
Reply:Start by looking here for what you like:

The following sites and tools will help webmasters generate java or html that can be used to display content in rss feeds.

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