Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good examples of RSS feeds?

I'm designing a site for which the client wants RSS feeds, can you give me links to cool real (not tutorials) examples of how a well designed with RSS or other kind of feeds looks like?

Right now I'm primarily looking for ideas for the layout, since I won't be doing the code I'm not so interested in knowing exactly how it's done. But if someone wants to put links to how feeds are done in addition to cool design examples, I'll appreciatte it. Remember cool and very practical examples. Thanks so much.

Good examples of RSS feeds?
Not sure if you just want to see how websites break out their feeds or what kind of content can be contained in an RSS feed. This will give you an idea, in order to see the feed contents you will need to add them to an RSS reader otherwise you will just see XML

MicroISV feeds -

Photo Feeds -

If you want more info on RSS see the websites listed in the source.
Reply:RSS feeds are nothing more than simple xml files containing headlines of interest (sports, news, new message alerts, etc..)

To incorporate them into a site use a dynamic scripting language like perl or php. There are many tutorials for such online and it takes about 5 mins to setup.

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