Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rss feed question?

when building a webpage, can you add a rss feed(just receiving info) by simply adding a code to your html or do you have to have a program like a reader to intigrate it? thanks

Rss feed question?
Hi! RSS is one of my favorite topics!

An RSS page is like html, but all the tags are different. People don't usually make rss feeds by hand, they use special programs that read the content of the site and just show what is current.

so the answer is YES, you need a special program to make it.. but not a reader, that's how your friends/users will read it.

since you know HTML, look at this page and others, and notice how they do the rss links, and the special code in the %26lt;head%26gt; called the %26lt;meta%26gt; tag to show exactly where the rss is for this page!

welcome back to creating web pages!
Reply:Just you can add the rss link in you webpage in html.

For example your feed is called rssfeed.xml

then you can create a link %26lt;a href="rssfeed.xml"%26gt;Rss Feed%26lt;/a%26gt;

If you want the bot to read your rss feed automatically you can include it in the %26lt;meta tag%26gt; of your html.
Reply:Once you create your RSS feed you can use a free tool from Feed for All that will give you the lines for autodiscovery you can add to your web page.

This makes is easier for people to subscribe to your feed.

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