Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to receive rss feeds older than subscription date ?


First I am just a newbie with rss technology but good on pc.

I am using a desktop rss reader software called Feedreader to read my subscribed feeds even I am offline (I like this).

Sometimes I find excellent blog sites about my interests and add them to my faves easily. Once I have added a blog site my reader (as others do) only receives recent entries from the resource site.

If possible I wish to be able to choose or receive older feeds (for archieving and easy browsing purposes) into my reader from these blog sites not only recent ones.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

How to receive rss feeds older than subscription date ?
It isn't possible. the data simply isn't there. The point of RSS feeds (at least as far as most site authors are concerned) is to let people know when there is updated content, not to let them view the entire site without visiting it. Consequently, the feeds only include recent entries.
Reply:You'd have to talk to that sites Administrator. RSS feeds are done using XML that has the information. If they constantly replace their XML documents without archiving them, then even they can't give you the information.

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