Saturday, April 17, 2010

RSS, SEO and link building?

Do RSS feed help build links for your websites? How do they do it?

RSS, SEO and link building?
Actually, it can provide direct help because some web sites will pull RSS content into their pages, and if they pull your feed, you've got a link from their site.

Also, at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose last year, Jon Glick -- a former Yahoo search manager -- explained that Yahoo will crawl sites that offer RSS more often, because there's an assumption the site offers fresh content.

I'll post the link to a recap of Jon's presentation in the "source" field below.
Reply:Rss feeds..............

This a xml file that's lists all new articles or products in your website.

Let imagine your visitors come to your website, they find your website very much engaging...........

They want to remain in touch with your website for future references.

How can they do that,..............they can do that by clicking add this rrss link on you website....................

This will let them get the information regarding any new updates in your website through email.

So there's connection between you and your visitors.

Alternately, some articles websites always index new rss in their website.............

So add a link in all your pages pointing to you r homepage..........

This will help in increasing more and more artciles website will publish you rss in their websites

I hope the thing is quite clear now
Reply:RSS feeds can be crawled and indexed, similar to sitemaps.

RSS feeds don't really help your search engine rank in terms of links back to your site to my knowledge. They do help people access your site's content using RSS feed readers and the like. If you post a ton of good content on your site and place an RSS feed on your site, hopefully people will link to you from their sites for having great content they can add to their feed readers. In a round about way they can help SEO, but not directly. Hope this helps.
Reply:SEO %26amp; linkbuilding on :

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