Monday, April 12, 2010

How to use RSS feed for news or articles to my mail box?

the RSS box you see at each article while surfing. is it possible to link to that particular RSS feed for future reading?

How to use RSS feed for news or articles to my mail box?
Go to the website of the web publisher whose material you wish to feed into your blog or news aggregator. An aggregator is something like My Yahoo or My MSN.

While you are there, look for symbols that have to do with RSS feeds. There are boxes labelled with RSS or XML. Both will work for Yahoo blogs or My Yahoo.

Exaample, you are in and they have a page containing news that you want an RSS feed for.

At the bottom or side of the page, (or whatever) you see a box that says 'Add to My Yahoo' and all you need do is click that.

Or you see a box that says RSS. Click that and the url at the top of your browser will change to something like indicating that that is the correct url for RSS feed into a blog or aggregator.

Do not invent the RSS feed url yourself. If it says or something like that, you can use it the same as RSS -- at least it has worked for me so far.

Some sites will just have a page listing the different urls for obtaining feeds on different categories.

Remember, when shortcuts are embedded, you can right click them and do properties to reveal the embedded url.

So far all this has worked for me. I use RSS feed from into my Yahoo 360 blog, which you can look at as an example:

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