Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to create RSS for my blog?

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I am using Blogger, so I'd like to know how to make RSS for my blog? Is the features available for Blogger users or do I have to have a spesific software to create RSS ?

How to create RSS for my blog?
Blogger, by default, exposes the RSS atom file for your blog. Therefore, if your blog URL is:

readers can get your rss feed by subscribing to:

This file will only be unavailable if you've explicitly disabled syndication from the blogger settings page.
Reply:Blogger is one of those which sends it feed through ATOM.

Long story short, you need to convert your site from ATOM to RSS

A good free source for this is

For those who want to understand more about RSS, I have outlined what RSS is, how to get a reader and add sites to your RSS feedreader at my about page on

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