Saturday, April 17, 2010

RSS business ideas ...?

how much potential do people think there is with RSS?

RSS business ideas ...?
I think there is a fair amount of potential in feeding RSS to mobile devices, TV, fridges etc. Perhaps there is money to be made from embedding adverts in the feed? What angle are you approaching this from?


IM is important and mature, and email is undoubtedly more so. RSS may be immune from spam, and (we'll assume) from virii, but does this make it important enough to be the next big thing in communications technology? With all due respect, don't forget it's just a simple XML doctype for publishing summaries of content. I believe that semantic web technologies will play a important role in e-commerce, but RSS is "baby steps" compared to the prospect of a fully machine-readable web.

Prove me wrong. People who do clever things with simple technologies are often the greatest pioneers.

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