Saturday, April 17, 2010

RSS feed. How do I add it to my site?

I don't understand the use of RSS feed. Is it only to blog with?

RSS feed. How do I add it to my site?
Feeds/RSS are used if you want to show content from other websites on your 360 page. It updates to show new content from blogs, news websites, your favorite websites, etc. "If you have another blog on Live Journal, Typepad, Xanga, or Wordpress, you can create an RSS feed of that blog and add it to Yahoo! 360°."

You are allowed 3 feeds.

If you're on a site, you can check to see if the site has feeds. The link to view a website's "RSS"/feed is usually on the side panel or at the very bottom of most websites.

Here some examples of sites with feeds:

For example:

On the BBC site, it says "Choose a feed." You click the echoing, orange icon or the and you'll be take to that particular feed's page. Then, you can copy the URL of the feed from your address bar and paste it into the boxes on your 360 page.

*Note: Some sites work better with Y! 360 than others. I.E. BBC feeds works great with 360, but a lesser known website might not work as well.
Reply:RSS feeds give you daily updates of news, sports, jokes or whatever you subscribe to. The feeds will show up on your 360 page and should update daily. It's best if you follow Yahoo's instructions on how to search for and install feeds.

BUT; Right now the feeds are kinda messed up and not working right, so if you get an error message, just ignore it and the feeds should start working in a few days.

Login to your 360, click on “My Page” in the top navigation bar. In the middle of your page, you will see Add Feeds. Click on it and from there you can also search for feeds to add.
Reply:Go to edit my Feeds. And then you post a rss but it has to be a URL address. Copy the URL address you want to add to your Feed and then paste it in one of the spaces. You only get 3 spaces.. After you paste the Feed go to save. You may be a error and then go back to save and click again. Then it may take awhile to show up. Mine took a week. But some say a couple of days. If it does not show up soon just go back to it and click save again. But all Feeds have to have a URL

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