Monday, April 12, 2010

How can rss reader bypass network censorship? what's its principle?

why can't i access by typing it into IE address bar, but i can access it if i type it into google reader and [search for new content]? what's the mechanism that rss works? why can it bypass the internet censorship, the great firewall?


i'm in China.

How can rss reader bypass network censorship? what's its principle?
The reason why it works is because google is outside the the firewall. The reader is a server side script at Google which requests the RSS feed and outputs it on the page. In other words you never request the site yourself, it is bounced to you. This is the basic principle of a proxy.
Reply:If you want to bypass any web filter or proxy server blocking any site, you can use Opera with Tor to safely and anonymously view or download whatever you want, because it uses the Opera (Internet Suite), so its really, really fast and the Tor network leaves no trace or history.

Plus This Opera Tor Bundle can be run off any disk: USB, network drive or hard drive.

Opera Tor - Opera + Tor + Privoxy

It's basicially a pre-configured bundle and loaded with Opera Browser, The Onion Router and Privoxy. Just Run: Tor, Privoxy and Opera or click on "Start" in the bundle folder and freely surf away.

You can use these sites to confirm that your orginal IP and location were hidden.




Opera Features

1. Very Fast.

2. Tabbed browing.

3. Mouse Gestures.

4. The Most secure.

5. Lightweight RAM usage despite heavy feature set.

6. Content Blocker (Ad block).

7. Download Manager.

8. Extremely stable.

9. Basic BitTorrent support.

10. Thousands of Skins/Themes

11. Excellent community support.
Reply:CSS is just another protocol like http is but different.

You can bypass because whomever is censoring might not realize or have even considered css so they haven't added css to their censorship (program or whatever means they use). Let's hope they don't catch on anytime too soon.

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