Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is RSS feed?

I have come to notice RSS feed frequently on the net. What does it mean? what is its use? And how do I RSS feed?

What is RSS feed?
It's another method for a website publisher to delivery content to readers. Instead of you visiting a site all the time to see if new content is available, the publisher creates a RSS feed that tells your feed reader what is new. If you watch a number of sites, RSS can really reduce the time you navigate to all these sites.

Not all sites have RSS feeds. The publisher also has a lot of discretion as to what they can put in the feed. You would need to "subscribe" to this feed with a "feed reader". There are a number around such as Google Reader, FeedDemon, Bloglines, NewsGator and so on.

The article below has more details and links
Reply:go to google and type rss feed

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