Saturday, April 17, 2010

RSS feed for website through flash?

I'm trying to get a rss feed from another website (ESPN) and to do that I had to post the feed and save it as a PHP.......I was just wondering what website would I be able to upload a php file because on my AOL ftp and filelodge they both don't allow me to upload a PHP...what free websites would allow me to upload a PHP is my question....thanks

RSS feed for website through flash?
Your question doesn't make much sense, but I'll try to help.

If what you mean is, you needed a way to display an RSS feed on your Web site, and you found a PHP page to do it, then no, the free Web hosting you noted won't work.

Try using instead.

As an alternative, you can read RSS feeds with JavaScript and use that to display the results on a regular HTML page. You won't need to change hosts then.
Reply:You write php. you are good enough to get an rss feed from another host... why not try self hosting.... install apache %26amp; php and use your own machine!

I do!

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