Monday, April 12, 2010

How do I view imported RSS's in My Yahoo?

I have imported my list of RSS feeds from another reader into My Yahoo, it says it imported them all but I do not see them in My Yahoo.

I also do not see an option to add my RSS reeds as a module for me to view them on My Yahoo.

Question is:

How do I enable viewing for my RSS feeds I imported into My Yahoo?


How do I view imported RSS's in My Yahoo?
See which has information on how to add the RSS feed to your module.

Also, any site that supports RSS can be added to My Yahoo!, even if you can't locate the source in the My Yahoo! content directory by searching or browsing.

1. Go to the site you’d like to add to your page.

2. Look for a sign that the site supports RSS. Web sites usually indicate that they support RSS with orange buttons like these:

3. Usually, these buttons link to the site’s RSS file. If you click the button, you will see what looks like a page of raw code. Don’t worry! You haven’t done anything wrong. From here, copy the URL from the address bar of your browser by choosing “Copy” from your browser’s Edit menu.

Or, instead of clicking the orange button, right-click it and choose “Copy Shortcut” from the menu.

4. Go to My Yahoo!. You will need to sign in to add this content.

5. Go to the Add RSS by URL page by clicking Add RSS by URL beside the search box on the Add Content page.

6. Click in the URL entry box. Choose “Paste” from your browser’s Edit menu. Click Add.

7. You will see a preview showing the content as it will appear on your page. Confirm that you want this content on your page by clicking Add to My Yahoo!.

8. A confirmation appears to tell you that content from this source has been added to your page.
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