Monday, April 12, 2010

My Yahoo RSS feeds on second page NOT updating -What's up?!?

I have subscribed to a lot of blogs' RSS feeds via My Yahoo! and they usually work just fine. Lately I have noticed that the feeds located on the front page work just fine but all feeds located on the second page ( never show any updated headlines for any of the feeds. If I move the RSS feed to the front page, the headlines show up immediately -- move it back to the second page and the hedlines disappear.

My Yahoo RSS feeds on second page NOT updating -What's up?!?
Many, many 'My Yahoo' users are having similar problems.

Many of the modules on 'My Yahoo' are not updating at all, or very sporadically. (they seem to update at midnight, and by morning are hours out of date again)

Mine had not updated since 2-25-07, but seem to have updated some what normally this weekend.

As to why it is only your second page, I'm not sure, and have not heard anyone else on here report that, but I am sure it has to do with the overall problem.

Don't try to 'fix' anything on your computer. Nothing works, and you risk messing things up.

This is definitely a problem that originates from Yahoo.

Lets hope they get it together and fix it once and for all!
Reply:This problem is known by Yahoo who states they are working on resolving the issue. Unfortunately the problem has been around since this last December. Judging on the time that has gone by, one has to only wonder about the competency of the technicians employed by this company.

Not only are existing RSS feeds not updating but if you are trying to add new feeds to your 360 page, you are greeted with an error that states "we are not able to fetch the feed..."

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