Monday, April 12, 2010

RSS feed on my blog?

I have an account on blogger, and I would like to put an RSS feed on it, what is the best way to do this? My site is on the standard not my own website.

(by the way, my actual blog is if you wanna check it out)

RSS feed on my blog?

Copy the above link.

It is the URL for your blog's RSS feed.

I found it by right clicking and on "Posts Atom" at the bottom of the page in your blog and then I clicked "copy shortcut."

Then in Y!360 click "My Page," click "Edit Feeds," and then paste the link into one of the three boxes.

Then save.

Try searching for a "RSS Directory" in the search engine.

YouTube has videos explaining RSS.

You can display and provide links for your Y!A questions, your starred questions, and the news on your Y!360 and MySpace pages with a RSS feed.

The feed for my questions in MySpace updates faster than the one in my Y!360.

Find your list of questions.

To the right of your first question you will see RSS.

Click on it with the right button then left click on copy shortcut (URL).

In your Y!360 click "My Page."

Click "Edit Feeds."

Right click on one of the three boxes then left click on paste (the short cut - URL).

Then save.

You can also display information from:

Yahoo! News (for specific subjects like your state, country, or corporation)

MSN News

BBC News

MySpace Blogs

Craigslist, CNET, YouTube, Netflix, Flickr, Gizmodo, Forbes.
Reply:For full details on how to add RSS buttons and Email subscription boxes see :
Reply:cool site...I noticed you posted a live email address on your blog...that's an open invitation to spammers
Reply:you already have an RSS feed (atom) at the bottom of your first page (Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) )


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