Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rss Feed and 360 blog?

why can't i see the rss feed link in my 360 blog?

Rss Feed and 360 blog?
You have to activate that option and it can only be used on "Public" blogs. Your blog is not a Public blog, so that option is not available.

If you want to change this, click on "My Blog". Click on "Edit Blog Settings." Set "Who can see your blog" to Public. Then, you can check the Publish Site Feed option and click the SAVE button.

You will then see orange RSS %26amp; My Yahoo buttons under your blog entries, which people can use to set up a feed to your blog.
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Reply:I think it might be an option that you can add, i never tried it will go peek and come back :) xx

ok found something, check this

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