Saturday, November 14, 2009

Desperately need RSS help! How to display an RSS feed on my site?

I am an amateur web developer and am making my own site which will have an RSS feed. I have already made the RSS feed and that works great (tested it, validated it…). But I want the home page of my site to display the RSS feed and be updated as I post new entries.

I have searched the web for a way to do this and had no luck. I also would like everything to be on MY server (which obviously I already have).

As I said I am nowhere near being an expert coder and would greatly appreciate Step-by-step instructions but I will look at everything.

Desperately need RSS help! How to display an RSS feed on my site?
It sounds like you want to display an RSS feed within your HTML website. The easiest/best way to do this is to use RSS2HTML a free PHP script. This means that you can retain the complete control of the HTML layout (using templates) and make it match your existing design. Additionally using PHP rather than JavaScript will mean that search engine spiders can "spider" the contents of the RSS feeds.

Additional details and a free rss2html download is available at:

Additional information and other options for displaying RSS feeds can be found at:

Reply:You can set up outbound syndication for your Web site and expose your content to the world in one afternoon, step by step instructions follow:

Alternatively, you might want to look at a solution like Wordpress, which has various feeds already built-in including RSS2. RDF, RSS, ATOM
Reply:Check out It has a script that can covert an RSS feed to HTML for display on a web page. I have not used it personally, but we use it on our company's website, and it works quite well.

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