Saturday, November 14, 2009

RSS Reader with pop ups?

I am looking for a rss reader that when it receives a new entry it will display a little pop up

Any suggestions?

I asked another questions that nobody answered earlier. Can I use windows live messenger has an rss reader. is it possible to add feeds to it.

What I am looking for is something similar to the alerts provided by windows messenger that pop up in the bottom left


RSS Reader with pop ups?
I use:

It does what you need.

"RssReader collect news in the background at user configurable intervals and warn with a little popup in the system tray that there is a new message arrived. You can click the news headline to see a short description of the news and click or open the original news web page in an RssReader browser or default browser window"

Reply:sorry I can't help you don't know that much about pouters.

You sounded so low when you said that no one answered, just wanted to let you know sometimes you don't get answers simply cause we don't have any

have a nice day anyway

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