Saturday, November 14, 2009

Want to use RSS and get full text articles, not just summaries.?

I'm new to RSS, but I sorta like what I see so far. I've tried several different aggregators, but I haven't found one yet that will pull down the full text of the articles. The ones I've used (Yahoo, Google, etc.) only pull back headlines and short summaries of the articles.

I don't want to click a link to take me to the site to have to read the article. I want the full text of the entire article downloaded in the feed. Otherwise, I'll just bookmark the site and visit it.

A few questions. Is this just the way it is with RSS? If so, so be it. Is it a choice of the article author to allow full-text or summaries for the article feeds? Or have I just not found the right RSS reader?

What brought all this on is that the domain for the site whose articles I want to read is blocked at work. I want a tool (RSS reader or anything) that will pull in that site's content so I can read it without any problems.

I appreciate any advice.

Want to use RSS and get full text articles, not just summaries.?
Depends. RSS can be used in that way. It's the choice of the

author. Reader might be an issue. But if you use one that

can read the summary you either have it or don't. There's

no other field that would contain the rest.

If the site in question is blocked it's unlikely that the feed will

work. It's really only an xml document that's usually always

hosted in the same place as the domain. So if you can't read it's unlikely that you can read it's RSS feed.
Reply:Alex is correct that it's at the discretion of the publisher as to publish full text or not. You might take a look at the raw feed to see if the stories are indeed full text. Some sites also provide multiple feeds.

You might also think about some of the services that deliver RSS via email. Instead of getting the feed, you would get an email instead.

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