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What is an RSS FEED and what is an RSS reader ....?

i wanna know abt RSS completely...wat it is and wat is the diff btw RSS FEED and RSS READER.....can anyone suggest me good referrence or some good wesite which would answer me properly....

What is an RSS FEED and what is an RSS reader ....?
The RSS feed is a XML file that is read by the RSS reader. You might think of the reader as converting the machine readable format in the RSS feed into content you can read. You can often see these XML files if you click on the RSS icons on many sites.

The RSS reader can come in multiple flavors. Some are stand alone readers such as Feed Demon. Then there are web based readers such as BlogLines and Google reader. You also have browsers that are adding the capability to read feeds. The last group are ad-ins and usually plug into a mail reader such as Outlook or as an extension to your browser like Firefox.

There are several advantages to RSS feeds. To start, they allow you to pull information from a site and review the contents without having to visit it. This means you can follow more sites that interest you.

RSS can also free up your email box. You don't need to worry about subscribing to a newsletter and providing your email address to someone else. In the case of a newsletter, you have to initiate an unsubscribe if you no longer want the content. With RSS, you simply unsubscribe from the feed.

As for the RSS feed, it can contain anything from just the story headlines to MP3 files using enclosures. The content is based on what the publisher wants to provide. As example, I provide the headline and lead in paragraph to my articles. This allows readers to see if the article interests them. If it does, they click the hyperlink and view the whole story. This format also makes it advantageous to people who have slower Internet connections.

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