Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why can't I add RSS feeds from craigslist?

When I try to add an RSS feed from craigslist to Yahoo Mail Beta, I get an error message saying to "try again later" but it's told me that for weeks. Here's my steps:

I click "Add" next to "All RSS Feeds" in the folder list - this pops open the Add Content window.

I paste the RSS URL from a craigslist search into the "Find RSS Content" text box and click "Go". Then in the Search Results pane of the window, it shows the rss feed from craigslist with the craigslist site icon, with an "Add" button next to it.

If I click "Show Preview", it pops up a list of craigslist posts - all looks good.

I click "Add", but an error message comes up in the search pane that reads "Sorry! There was a problem trying to add 'craigslist sf bay area search....' Try again later."

What's going on there?


Why can't I add RSS feeds from craigslist?
well, Craigslist belongs to Ebay, so.... maybe they don't allow it

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