Saturday, November 14, 2009

Import Blog RSS on Facebook?

On Facebook Notes you can import your blog posts using RSS feed. I am trying to import my Starred questions on Answers by using the RSS link. And this is what Facebook says:

"Import Failed

We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided."

I also tried my Wordpress blog RSS and it did the same thing. I have successfully subscribed to these feeds using Google Reader so there shouldn't be anything wrong with my feeds. Also Facebook accepts Atom and RSS.

What could be wrong?

Import Blog RSS on Facebook?
Try going to Set up an account and feed your Answers through FeedBurner. It will create a new feed for you with a new URL. Then give that to FaceBook. I haven't had any problems doing that. You could do the same usng

Alternately, you could get a Twitter account. Use to feed twitter your Answers feed. Then use the application to get all your twitter updates fed to Facebook. (See also

Reply:Thanks for asking and answering this question. I was having troubles getting Facebook to accept my rss feed from my Wordpress blog.

Once I resaved my privacy settings in Wordpress Facebook was able to import my blog entries. I have my privacy setting set so anyone and anything can access my blog. Report It

Reply:Facebook probably doesn't recognize Yahoo! Answers as a blogging site, probably since it really isn't.

You could paste your starred questions into a blog site, them import that feed, I don't believe you'd be able to feed Yahoo! Answers, however.

Sorry it's not an answer you want to hear. You can always try emailing Facebook at to find out if there is any way to do so.

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