Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why the rss in my blog yahoo 360° doesnt work?

my rss adress is correct:

I have this error text :" Error: We were unable to fetch the feeds you requested. Please check the URLs and try again."

Before its works and I decide to remove and its doesnt work :( why?

Why the rss in my blog yahoo 360° doesnt work?
Go back to your feed and see if the URL is still there, If not ,then you need to add it again. It always take time because Yahoo has to approve the URL. And a lot of people are having trouble with that also. After you reset your URL and save,even if error shows, wait a few days and see if it shows up.
Reply:I just received an answer to my question from the Yahoo customer support office. They told me they are aware of problems they are having with this feature. They assured me they are working on it. They could not tell me when this would be resolved.

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